Reporting Suspected Tracheostomy Insurance Fraud

It is not uncommon for a tracheostomy procedure and subsequent care costs to well exceed $250,000.

If you believe that a tracheostomy has been performed and that it was either not justified clinically, or performed for reasons other than clinical necessity, noTRACH can assist.

Where noTRACH believes a tracheostomy procedure need not have been performed, and may have been performed for reasons other than absolute clinical necessity, noTRACH will report its concerns to other bodies and commissions, and also may report these concerns to the OIG, or FBI or any other law enforcement if it believes insurance fraud has taken place. noTRACH can also assist payors in recouping costs associated with the procedure, and patients in obtaining appropriate legal remedy. This may include the assistance of compiling evidence and obtaining medical opinions for the purposes of pursuing criminal charges against a physician, or medical establishment – or any other legal remedy such as compensation.

A tracheostomy, whilst normally only performed as a last resort and as a lifesaving procedure, carries significant risk, and a lifetime of potential complications- and can result in death.

A tracheostomy performed for the purposes of insurance fraud, is an extremely serious felony, and if a patient dies as a result of the procedure, constitutes manslaughter.