noTRACH provides funding and grants of up to US$55,000 for clinical research on tracheostomies and tracheostomy care.

Am I eligible?

  • Any organisation that considers that it can carry out high-quality clinical, applied health or social care research is likely to be eligible, either directly or with a partner. However, note that we only fund research that is relevant to  tracheostomies.

What do we fund?

  • We commission and fund research into public health, health services and organisation, clinical evaluation and translation and technology development as long as they are relevant to tracheostomy care, application or avoidance.
  • We fund research to produce and maximise the impact of evidence on tracheostomy use and care so that professionals, policy makers and patients can make informed decisions about healthcare and new interventions as they pertain to tracheostomies
  • Most of our programmes fund research that is later rather than earlier in the research pathway and none fund basic research or work involving animals and/or animal tissue.

To apply for research funding, please email with an outline of the study details.